My Songs.

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my songs not only come from experience but from a passion a beat inside and sometime spiritual that God gives to share his message ,

giving emotional honest connection and upbeat indervily putting life into a song 


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These Prices are for Online only

*Pictures & Videos, art work from $1.00

*15mins Call or video chat online 

talk about anything even Pray for you. $65.00

*Video live show on line you and your friends (2songs)  $85.00

*If you have a song that needs work on can help you there 15mins call $75.00

*can even sing that song to you :) the lady's favourite $50.

*If your a guy that wants to Serenade to your girl" Il teach you my song.

*If your a Lady that wants me to Serenade ne of my Songs $65.

*we can even sing one of my worship songs together $60.

*Rocco Rocking Fan Club life time Membership $95 update and yearly discount on Products thank you letter and online community with other fans and my self .

*Yearly Membership $price might start from $100 as this is not available Yet put includes new t-shirt Design for the year & stickers ,Keychains ,Poster,

pictures ,Cd single .

 *Single Or album Pack  $45

is the behind the scene the making how I came up with the song ,art work to that song stickers , every version of that song .

These online spots are only open to 0ne or two People a Months.

Thank you God Bless in Jesus ..

Rocking Rocco.