The one and Only ROCCO!!

Known As Rocco Toldo Or Rocco Melissari , Rocking Rocco ,twinkle toes toldo.

You will have to wait for the day to buy a book or watch a documentary to know my whole back ground where it all started why and how, the struggles the ins & out the people and the stories behind the songs. 

 Music has always been part of our family been Italian hearing different genres of music .which developed my singing and song writing style today '

For me it was a spiritual hearing what the music was telling me not just the natural feeling of music that makes you want to dance,

at a young age I would sing and dance to the songs I would hear I was told as a very young boy I had a guitar I only remember it been red and it broke,

As I got into primary school I know I started writing songs or rewriting song that I would hear but been to shy to share my passion I kept it to myself but always knew that was my calling my passion wasn't till high school when music called to me again started to learn guitar then started writing and singing and dancing for friends .

My 17th birthday I was given a guitar my parents brought for me which at 16 I had the calling to play so till then I learnt as much as I could about the guitar and from other musician finding myself learning from all the 1st great musicians from the past .

I enjoying creating new music and bringing them to life to share with others when I was in my teens I used to rearrange  covers to suit me make new style to express that song a new way .

After school started working a Chef working my way up to head chef and running my own kitchen ,from there one of my nick name was the Singing Chef about 2003 I got into working to wanting to release my song where I 1st noticed opportunity's coming until I got sick in 2005 and 2006 knocked me out .

It has not been easy journey to get to the point in my life to want to share my songs or even wanting to preform in front of other but always felt God wanted me to do more with it so I stuck with song writing, through all this I've always been my own individual person the songs were unique not like what most people would write then in 2014 I felt and heard what god plan for my music the purpose and I knew ,so had been working on that goal learning new skills working on my voice learning new instruments ,recording , 

which has taken me awhile to even get to setting up a website but from about 2012 I keep running into opportunity's with music to get it out had never been ready with my product and myself and other things going on around my life that need to be sorted .

I'm A father of two young children boy and girl and they enjoy music and playing instruments along with myself looks like they were born with the music gift in their body & soul.

 Music has always driven me as a person, and it is why I write songs that tell a story, with a catchy medley to sing along with new songs in the world,

 I hope my audience can close their eyes whilst listening to my songs, and imagine this song about them sang to them, anything that sparks their deepest Feeling.

My music is an introduction to my deepest thoughts & spirit that's in my soul.

Rocco Inspired by god to make music to inspire the world for a better place

Music for the listeners you enjoy music that makes you feel connected , that's emotional, makes you move. are you engaging, you want to support new music to download.

Big thing for me is to give back not just with my music and engorgement but also help where I can and financially with helping charities like feed the hungry and water to improve living standard so please help Donate to this cause to do Christ work,