We need to rise above the things holding us back or down rise with in our self , when things go bad don't let them stay ride the wave out of their,

For this generation and the next we need to do more ,sharing Gods word and the glory of Christ , Be more of a caring & understanding Human with less the  selfish aspect build strong relationship with our self ,our father in heaven and others .

every one loves , enjoys music listen too dance relax sing alone to our favourite songs that we connect to, for some its our purpose in life that God gives us to share , and to give the glory to Christ in this life we have.

Armed with my Bible and my Guitar I took the Airwaves Sharing my songs that cant be stopped.

I'm hoping that others will be inspired to reach their goals and be a light to others as I have been, & get closer to Christ hearing my music, 

"Matthew 5:13-16 be the light and the salt to other be blessing to life.

Part of my reason is the share new music to other to emotionally connect too from praising God to our human experiences and the help shape the world for others to live in harmony by doing good to other and not let Darkness have a strong hold.

I'm advocate for disabilities ,bulling, Human Rights, standards of living, empowerment and growth, Christianity Jesus and the Bible , Family & Relationships also for other independent Artist in the music industry .   

This purpose of mine is Big business to unit with people to help in the community, I cant do it on my own so with your help, feed the people over the world and fresh water , medication , help people reach their goal help other musician share their music within my label help build shelters (homes) and share the true word of God for our salvation.


Once people start helping them self reaching their goals then they are able to help share and give their gift and money to help feed others instead of us keeping the Blessing the money to our self & of cause once set your self up comfortably to be in a position to help others .. so please donate with a little so that little can grow along others people effects , Be Blessed in Jesus Amen.